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okalie dokalie neighborino.

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Breathe Carolina 
07/18/2014 - Auburn Hills, MI

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let me be a striped shirt on a striped couch i’ll blend right in


i just really hope all of you find someone who is really cool that you can love and have sex with and all that shit but you can also talk politics and about evolution. someone you don’t cling to at parties but you nonchalantly grab their ass when you walk by them in the crowd and someone you reach for at 2am in between dreams to cuddle.

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Breathe Carolina 
Auburn Hills, MI
Real Friends #vanswarpedtour #realfriends
The might seem lame but this photo was taken just after Rou covered his head in water whipped his head to the left. Then sat there silently staring. Warped today was pretty fabulous.
I know it’s not Thursday but #tbt this night. I miss this so much. #la12chainz
Queen lazy butt 👑
All da girls are here #tobeapartner  (at Starbucks)
"It’s so special, Kait" (at Starbucks)
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