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Okay so this isn’t the greatest photo but I loved this moment. Adam walked away from the mic and the entire crowd was yelling the words to Timberwolves at New Jersey. #takingbacksunday

The Wonder Years - Passing Through A Screen Door


stop the world i wanna get off with you // arctic monkeys

well, i know that getting you alone isn’t easy to do
and i don’t wanna lie and i don’t wanna tell you the truth
and i know we got places to go, we got people to see
think we both ought put ‘em on hold and i know you agree

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DMX on Lil B

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We out here
#tbt bae caught me slippin (1993)
Google maps caught me hanging out downtown.
These bitches and Spider-Man
#mcm @iammcguckin ‘s sex doll

Sup spring


do you ever just see your friends getting really close with other people and you can just feel yourself slowly becoming less important to them and you get this really deep ache in your heart and everything just hurts

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