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okalie dokalie neighborino.

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The might seem lame but this photo was taken just after Rou covered his head in water whipped his head to the left. Then sat there silently staring. Warped today was pretty fabulous.
I know it’s not Thursday but #tbt this night. I miss this so much. #la12chainz
Queen lazy butt 👑
All da girls are here #tobeapartner  (at Starbucks)
"It’s so special, Kait" (at Starbucks)
You know you have a good dad when he tells you that your name is on the DQ board for a free sundae and you’re stuck at work until they close.
Bleated common ground insta post

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When you realize that someone is only being nice to you because they want something


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I dedicate this to the skateboard ramp we were laying on for being such a pal. 👌

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